ATA Endorses Compli CSA for CSA Compliance

December 1, 2011

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American Trucking Associations (ATA) announced today that it is endorsing Compli CSA as an effective solution to help trucking fleets efficiently manage and automate their CSA performance and compliance requirements.

“The CSA experts on the ATA staff have reviewed Compli CSA and determined that it can help our members and others in the trucking industry successfully manage their CSA compliance programs,” said Warren Hoemann, ATA senior vice president for industry affairs.  “We are pleased to extend ATA’s endorsement to Compli for this product.”

Compli CSA is now part of the ATA Business Solutions line of products, services, and educational opportunities for ATA members and others in the trucking industry.  As part of the endorsement agreement, ATA members will receive a discount on Compli CSA.
“Our tools help simplify the complex training and policy management development required by the CSA regulations.  By introducing efficient automated processes that focus on CSA data, fleets can quickly identify high-level safety issues while prioritizing safety initiatives that address all concerns,” said Nick Goodell, Compli’s general manager of trucking and transportation. “Fleet managers can also drill down to individual drivers and violation trends enabling fleet-wide awareness and a focus on safety. Maintaining a safe and operational fleet is critical to keeping trucks on the road, keeping drivers driving, and maximizing the number of loads delivered, and Compli CSA helps fleets do just that.”

Compli CSA is designed to help carriers reduce safety concerns, manage drivers, increase productivity, and help promote safe and efficient fleets. When violations are logged, the web-based Compli CSA initiates an automated process to review the violation, inspect the driver’s violation history, enforce disciplinary action and re-train the driver. Compli CSA shows possible inconsistencies in the inspection and violation data so that management can work with drivers to reduce their BASIC scores over time. In addition, the system allows fleets to analyze their violations and BASICs in order to identify potential problems quickly.

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