December 6, 2011

The National Transportation Institute, publishers of the National Survey of Driver Wages has awarded Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation it’s coveted Top Pay Carrier designation. To earn this elite award a carrier must qualify in three critical categories that together make professional driving a rewarding and secure career choice. The categories are top tier pay, benefits and carrier stability. All three companies ranked in the highest group for driver pay and benefits while Crete Carrier Corporation ranked in the highest group for financial stability.

NTI’s survey benchmarks thousands of driver pay packages and evaluates carriers on the basis of excellence in three key categories: driver pay, health and retirement benefits, and financial stability. The results of the evaluation process are weighted into a single index number and ranked against other carriers, creating a select group of top paying carriers.

“Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation are committed to providing drivers with one of the top compensation packages in our industry,” said Tonn Ostergard, Crete Carrier Corporation President and CEO. “We’re honored to receive the Top Pay Carrier recognition. Retaining and attracting safe, experienced drivers ensures we’re able to continue to deliver superior service to our customers on a daily basis.”

In addition to great compensation and benefits (including medical, dental, and vision plans), the debt-free Crete Carrier family of companies also boasts industry low turnover and top CSA scores.

“Our driver turnover is less than one-third of the overall industry average. We are committed to hiring the best people in the industry, and that pays dividends in the long run in terms of lower turnover. Also, consistently we are at or near the top in every CSA safety category. I’m very proud of our CSA scores, and it’s a validation of the safety programs that we’ve had in place forever. These scores really validate the efforts that we’ve made, and the efforts that our drivers have made to be one of the top safe companies in the industry,” says Tonn Ostergard, President and CEO of Crete Carrier Corporation.

“Crete Carrier Corporation is certainly an industry employer of choice in these three areas, which all drivers are looking for when deciding where they’d like to work,” said Gordon Klemp, President of NTI. “We’re proud to recognize Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation as three of the nation’s best for its total compensation package with our Top Pay Carrier designation. Their addition as a Top Pay Carrier strengthens an already elite group.”

“We believe that a driver looking for a career would be well served to work for a carrier like Crete, Shaffer or Hunt where they know they among the best paid drivers, have health care and retirement plans that are first rate, work for a financially sound organization that will be around, and don’t have to be concerned about being targeted for inspections because their carrier is a leader in safety and compliance”. Klemp concluded.

To learn more about driving positions available and benefits at Crete Carrier Corporation, please visit or call 800-998-2221.