David Freymiller on CSA 2010

January 1, 2010

Drivers and carriers alike are getting hit with a lot of changes for 2010.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) has said it will implement Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010 sometime between July 1 and December 31, 2010, rewrite the Hours of Service (HOS), require Electronic On-Board Recorders (Black Boxes) and make many housekeeping changes in the current regulations.
I asked David Freymiller, President of Freymiller Inc., a truckload carrier located in Oklahoma City, OK, to get real practical information about the CSA 2010 and how it will affect truck companies and their drivers.  Here is what David Freymiller had to say.

Jim: Do you think the new CSA 2010 mandate will improve safety in the trucking industry?   The reported purpose of CSA 2010 is highway safety; do you think truck related fatalities will decrease even more than the large decrease we are now seeing with the current regulations?
David: “Yes, I believe with the focus that is being placed on the driver and his driving record across multiple employers it will result in a good driver becoming a better driver due to the attention to detail that the driver will have to become acclimated to. On the other hand it will also empower the FMCSA and the Carriers to remove the problematic drivers that have been plaguing the industry for quite some time. I can envision a more focused driver which will have a direct affect on accidents and highway fatalities.”

Jim: Have you spoken with your Safety Department about CSA 2010 yet and if so, what was your main focus of that meeting and what will be the first thing you do to prepare for CSA 2010?
David: “Yes, the safety department was given the responsibility to prepare both our drivers and staff for CSA 2010. Our long term goals are to produce a better driver and operations’ through intensive training and preparation.”

Jim: What are you planning to do differently in your safety department to be ready for and work within CSA 2010?
David:    “Beginning at CSA 2010’s inception our safety department has been proactive in the training of our drivers and staff. Understanding the significance and repercussions of CSA 2010 in itself has taken our focus to a higher level. We have also taken a step into the future with full implementation of the Qual-Com E logs. I think that if we are proactive enough we may be able to clean up & save some drivers that may not have made the cut otherwise.”

Jim: Have you spoken with your drivers about CSA 2010 and how it will affect their CDLs?
David: “New hires and tenure drivers have all met with the safety department and have been well versed in not only the focus of CSA 2010 but the ramifications of the point system and the effect it will have on their CDL. Extensive courses in CSA 2010, GPS Tracking, Safer-Stat, and the compass portal has been taught in detail.”

Jim: Will CSA 2010 change the way you recruit drivers?
David: “Yes, with the availability of the new software information our recruiting department will now be able to access much more of a driver’s history. We will require this extensive background to be preformed not only on new applicants but existing driver associates as well.”

Jim: Describe what type of driver will meet your hiring criteria when CSA 2010 becomes the law of the land.
David:    “The driver should possess the culture and knowledge to perform his duties in a compliant manner. His past history will become much more scrutinized, therefore, requiring the driver to already have a solid foundation in which to work with.”

Jim: What advice would you have for current and new CDL drivers regarding CSA 2010?
David:    “Fully understand what CSA 2010 means to you as a driver. Focus on your attention to detail when filing out your daily logs and always be prepared for an inspection. Become acclimated to the point system and adjust your driving habits in order to protect both the carrier and your CDL.”

David Freymiller says it better than I ever could.  Drivers obey the law, follow the FMCSA regulations, the carrier’s rules but most of all pay attention to details.  Details like logs, inspections, your equipment and your CDL motor carrier profile (MVR).  You will need to fight every ticket you get whether it is a DOT violation or from local or state law enforcement.  Everything, I repeat, everything will now go on the driver’s record.  The driver must be more careful than ever to prevent getting any traffic tickets for anything, but if he does he has no choice but to fight those tickets to protect his job.
CSA 2010 will eliminate all drivers that fail to protect themselves and their carrier in a very short time.  Get ready and be ready for 2010, you must pay attention to details to keep driving a truck.•

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