Melton Truck Lines, Inc. Raises Driver Pay

May 24, 2012

 Melton Truck Lines, a premier air-ride flatbed carrier based in Tulsa, OK, is pleased to announce a 1 cent per mile across the board pay increase.  This increase will be effective June 5th.

At Melton we conduct industry pay studies and subscribe to independent annual surveys.  We measure ourselves in every category – mileage pay, tarp pay, productivity, fuel bonus, extra pay for Hazmat and Canada loads, and the premiums drivers pay for insurance coverage.  We have determined that our total package positions Melton Truck Lines in the top 5% among North American for-hire trucking companies.

“To help keep our competitive edge in hiring and retaining drivers, I am proud to announce this across the board pay increase,” said Melton President Bob Peterson.  “Drivers at Melton also get regular pay increases based on gaining experience and miles run with Melton.  We believe to hire and retain the best talent, we must pay our drivers well. ”

“In addition to this new pay increase, Melton as added a 4 cents per mile fuel bonus program, raised driver pay 3 cents per mile for Hazmat and Canada loads, and increased detention pay 20% over the last couple years,” said Angie Buchanan, Vice President of Safety and Human Resources.  “We also implemented a CSA Bonus, pay a premium for Road Safety Trainers, and started a Road Recruiter Program to offer additional financial incentives and training.”

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