New eBook Features Colorful, Feel-Good Stories of Common Folks in Uncommon Situations

June 4, 2012

 Des Moines, IA, May 10, 2012) – Award-winning writer Dan Anderson’s fiction short-stories have entertained readers of nationally syndicated trucking and outdoor magazines for nearly 20 years. His colorful stories about common folks in uncommon situations developed a reputation as “feel good” stories, often with a Christian twist, that leave readers with a grin.

 “Feel-Good Stories For Red-Necked Christians” is a compilation of six of Anderson’s most popular fiction stories about an unusual array of characters. In the short story, “Between Heaven and Hell” readers meet Benny Sims, a lazy ne’er-do-well and thief who runs afoul of a cheerful, elderly truck driver who refuses to be intimidated—or robbed.

 In “Something For Stevie,” the young hero of the story struck such a chord with magazine readers that many believed “Stevie” to be a real person, leading to “Reader’s Digest Magazine” attempting to find the fictional Stevie and feature him in a “Real Life…” story.

Another story introduces readers to 6’7”- tall, 275 lb. truck driver Dean Malone, who firmly believes in angels. His earnest explanation to another trucker of how he came to that belief makes perfect sense when they are first-on-scene at a flaming wreck between a mini-van and a pickup truck.

Published as an eBook, “Feel-Good Stories For Red-Necked Christians” is available at’s “Kindle Books” for an economical 99 cents. Search for the title, “Feel-Good Stories For Red-Necked Christians,” and download a compilation of stories that will literally make you feel good for having read them.