No More Guesswork with Tandem Axle Adjustments

January 1, 2011

The MarkAward Winning California Inventor Shows the Way

California inventor Dwight Richards, a former trucker, has invented a tandem axle adjustment device that makes life easier and safer for truckers. It’s called The Mark and it helps the commercial driver slide their trailer tandem axles quickly and safely, completely eliminating the time-consuming guesswork usually associated with tandem axle adjustments.

The Mark is convenient. The Mark is a battery-operated, detachable, lightweight, portable electronic device with no wires that visually and audibly alerts the commercial driver who is adjusting their trailer tandems. The Mark is compact, easily storable, and durable enough for all weather conditions.

The Mark saves time. Commercial drivers are required to make axle adjustments on the weekly basis to several times daily. Through first-hand experience as a commercial driver, Richards has found that axle adjustments can be one of the most frustrating aspects of trucking. With The Mark, drivers eliminate the trial-and-error associated with axle adjustments.

The Mark saves money. The Mark also helps drivers avoid costly fines by offsetting the overweight issues commonly faced by commercial drivers. If an axle adjustment is not done property, a driver will be fined—usually several hundred dollars. The more the axles are out of adjustment, the higher the fine. The Mark is an investment that is well worth its anticipated retail price of $129.95.
The Mark improves safety. Safety is another important benefit of The Mark. As injuries from entering and exiting the cab of a truck is one of the most common injuries. Improved distribution of commercial vehicle weight results in improved stopping distances, fewer trips in and out of the cab and less reaching under the trailer.

This must-have tool will sell at truck stops across the U.S. and internationally. Look for The Mark at Pilot/Flying J, Petro, TA, Loves, Bosselmans and Independent truck stops near you. More information about The Mark can be found at