January 17, 2012

Pilot Flying J has announced its annual winter diesel additive program at participating Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J Travel Plazas in colder climates across the U.S. The additive program, which is being offered free of charge, helps reduce winter-month breakdowns due to fuel line and filter freezing and corrosion.

“We are pleased to once again offer our additive program for professional drivers,” said Jimmy Haslam, Pilot Flying J CEO. “As the driver-driven company, we strive to make the fueling experience positive and convenient for our professional drivers, and this is just another way to better serve them.”

Hydrocarbons prevalent in diesel fuel have poor solubility at low temperatures and are the first molecules to precipitate from fuel as it cools. This precipitate, in the form of wax crystals, can accumulate on filters and restrict fuel flow, resulting in a loss of power, engine stalling or the inability to start. The additive is very effective at improving the low temperature operability of a fuel to combat these problems and is added directly to the fuel.

The additive will be available at any location with a temperature posting of 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below and will be continuously provided through March 1 at locations known for harsh winters, such as those in Colorado, New York, Minnesota and Wyoming among other northern tier states.

“Winter driving conditions are difficult at best,” said Mark Hazelwood, Pilot Flying J executive vice president. “The goal of our winter diesel additive program is to give our customers added peace of mind and to make their winter driving experience a positive one.”

Key performance benefits of the additive are:
1. Improves low temperature operability in a wide range of fuels by lowering the cold filter plugging point (CFPP) and pour point without reducing the fuel’s energy content; and
2. Reduces risk of fuel line freeze-up or fuel filter icing by depressing the moisture freeze point.
3. Helps keep waxes dispersed in fuel that could otherwise settle and lead to fuel filter plugging and engine performance problems.

For more information about Pilot Flying J, visit www.pilotflyingj.com.