Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab Announces Corporate and Driver Wellness Program with Covenant Transport

September 14, 2010

Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab is partnering with Covenant Transport to roll-out the Roadside Medical Driver Wellness program, giving drivers and corporate employees access to the most comprehensive wellness program in the trucking industry, including medical programs, rewards and additional wellness tools. Starting in 2011, drivers in the medical plan will automatically be enrolled and drivers not in the medical plan can elect to participate.

“We’re giving Covenant Transport drivers every opportunity to take control of their health—keeping them on the road longer and improving both the quality and length of their lives,” said Bob Perry, “The Trucker Trainer,” president for Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab and chair for the American Transportation Association Safety Management Council’s Health & Wellness Working Group. “This shows that Covenant Transport is very supportive of their drivers. They’re the first major trucking company to address the health conditions of current drivers.”

Participants in the program receive health checks every 30 days at Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab locations across the country, which include monitoring of blood pressure, weight, sugar, BMI and other key measures, as well as counseling on health, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. Each Roadside Medical location also provides basic medical services, DOT physicals, drug testing and sleep services.

In addition to the health checks, each driver receives their own roadmap on making better choices on the highway with Roadside Medical’s Driver Wellness Toolkit. The Toolkit includes various fitness tools including a pedometer, a nutrition guide, a workout program and access to a health activity tracker and online wellness. Drivers also have unlimited telephone health coaching and receive monthly exercise and nutrition information to continue learning how to develop a wellness lifestyle on the road.

“There is nothing more important than health, and we want to provide opportunities for our driving workforce to become healthy and stay healthy. We believe it is also time to send the message that getting healthier is now ‘part of the job’ at Covenant. This helps everyone, including our employees and their families, our customers and our investors,” said Joey Hogan, President of Covenant Transport Inc. “Roadside Medical provides a great way for drivers to conveniently access wellness and other basic medical services, to learn what they need to do to improve their health, obtain the tools they need and stay DOT compliant, all in a driver-centered environment.”

Drivers in the Roadside Medical Driver Wellness program can access the Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab network being built nationwide at major Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J locations, giving drivers one-stop convenience at popular travel centers where they are utilizing other services. Current locations include Cartersville, Ga., Knoxville, Tenn., West Memphis, Ark., Oklahoma City, Okla., East St. Louis, Ill. and Waco, Texas. More clinics are planned for 2011 and beyond.

“Covenant Transport is very proud to be one of the companies leading the charge to improve driver health in the transportation industry,” said Hogan. “We believe Roadside Medical provides access to wellness resources that drivers have never had before, and so we look very forward to drivers take advantage of this opportunity and seeing the positive results that will come from their participation.”

For more information about the Roadside Medical Driver Wellness program, contact Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab at 941-225-2520 ext. 100.