Schneider National Bulk Carriers Increases Owner-Operator Compensation

December 1, 2010

Tanker Owner-Operators to Earn $1.05 per Mile Beginning in December

The Tanker division at Schneider National, Schneider National Bulk Carriers, is increasing owner-operator compensation by $.05 per mile. The new rate increases owner-operator compensation to $1.05 per mile, plus fuel surcharge, for loaded and unloaded miles.

“Schneider National Bulk Carriers’ increase of $.05 per mile for tanker owner-operators is a very aggressive move and is one of few that we’re aware of in the industry for owner-operators,” said Gordon Klemp, president of the National Transportation Institute. “The new rate, strong because it’s on loaded and unloaded miles, reconfirms our judgment that Schneider is a top-paying carrier.”

Schneider’s Tanker owner-operators average 125,000 miles a year and, with the largest increase in company history for this group taking effect on Dec. 5, 2010, could see an extra $6,250 per year in revenue with the new mileage rate.

“We have had double-digit growth in 2010 and are expecting the same in 2011,” said George Grossardt, vice president and general manager for Schneider National Bulk Carriers. “Our customers need long-haul chemical carriers who are committed to this market and drivers who have a strong regard for operating safely and with the highest levels of service. Owner-operators are savvy businesspeople and know that aligning with the right carrier is crucial for success. Schneider’s Tanker Division offers owner-operators a business relationship with a financially stable company that has a 75-year track record of providing good opportunities for drivers.”

Schneider National Bulk Carriers will be adding experienced tanker owner-operators and will also provide training to assist owner-operators considering a transition into the chemical-hauling industry.

Schneider is in full compliance with the new safety standards after the first CSA BASICs (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories) review, making the carrier a smart choice for owner-operators looking to do business with an organization as committed to safety as they are. Owner-operators are also able to turn to Schneider for support as the new CSA rules are implemented industry-wide. The company provides drivers with their individual performance data and works with the FMCSA if the data are incorrect.

In addition Schneider Finance features truck-leasing/purchasing options for drivers looking to start their own business as an owner-operator. To learn more about leasing opportunities with Schneider National Bulk Carriers, please visit or call 1-800-28-LEASE (1-800-285-3273).

About Schneider National, Inc.

Schneider National has exceptional career paths for professional drivers and truck school graduates. Solo and team opportunities exist for company drivers and owner-operators in Schneider’s Regional, Over the Road, Dedicated, Tanker and Expedited lines of business. Local and regional solo opportunities also exist for company drivers in Schneider’s Intermodal division.

A $2.9 billion company and one of the largest truckload carriers in North America, Schneider has been a top choice for drivers for 75 years. Schneider provides drivers great weekly miles, steady freight and the comfort of knowing that “safety first and always” is the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. Schneider is ranked a top-paying carrier by the National Transportation Institute and has been nationally recognized for its support of veterans, Reservists and National Guard members. For more information about Schneider National career opportunities, visit You can also connect with Schneider on Facebook at and Twitter at